Humans unconsciously drove growth during millions of years

by Nicoletta Unghiatti

Several friends have asked me to define growth marketing in a few words. Usually, I go for the typical “it is an iterative methodology to optimize performance in a funnel” or “a mindset that will help you to reach specific goals in a company”, however, I feel those answers are always oriented to business so I guess it would be interesting to make a different approach. I have been gently reading “Sapiens: A Brief Story of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari and I can’t stop thinking about the iterative process humans experimented during thousand and thousands of years. Ok, millions…

Efficiency and accuracy for Product Managers

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Most of the articles or podcasts that talk about Product Management, compare this role to someone like a Superhero. The truth is that it is not far from it. A PM is more than a specific role but a set of tasks within business, strategy, engineering, UX & UI design, data analysis and much more. It requires a holistic mindset and the capability to communicate and delegate the precise amount of work to cross-functional teams.

Some say that PMs should spend 80% of their time working with the different roles of team. The rest 20% should be for the preparation…

Video calls might be getting boring but now there is hope.

Around —

Since March of 2020, video conferencing solutions took a supreme role not only in business but in our daily life. In a global, remote and restricted world, seeing another person online is completely normal, and in some cases, convenient. Even though this situation should finish sooner or later, videos will definitely be part of the DNA of hybrid or remote cross-functional teams.

How far can this go

Video conferencing existed way before Covid and Skype. You might have heard about AT&T but probably not about the PicturePhone invented by their department known as Bell Labs. Did they ever imagined the impact they were doing?

One experiment that can be a game changer in the future of business communications platforms.

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The most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, two former employees at Yahoo. Five years later, it was bought by Facebook for US $19 billions. Ironically, in 2007, both Acton and Koum applied for jobs in Facebook but they didn’t make it.

Today, the app has more than 2 billions MAU (Monthly Active Users) and more than 60 millions downloads every month. WhatsApp is the leader in the industry followed by Facebook Messenger (its “brother in law”) and WeChat. Those two apps together might slightly overpass the MAU of WhatsApp.

I’ve been using social networks for several years and for the very first time I started to rethink my habits about posting.

Internet can be either good or bad: posts like 'Here in the beach chillin' or 'Here in the restaurant after chillin' aren’t adding value to my 'wall’. (Ok, I know I’m able to filter my wall, but still.. ). More than once I’ve posted useless things on my wall and it feels silly and I ask myself: Is it really necessary to spend days, weeks or months of our lives sharing every single moment with other people? My answer is no. Take a note: We scroll down giving 'likes' to awesome pictures without even looking at them.

It looks like…

Nicolas Godoy

Data-driven Engineer passionate about product strategy and growth marketing.

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